Wednesday, 25 February 2009

New Reality

This is a phrase that's cropping up more and more in media commentary and political speeches. Will it replace "Credit Crunch" - let's hope so! The latter has taken on a depressingly popularist life of its own and makes me cringe everytime it rears its ugly syllables in broadcasting, advertising - everywhere (if another restaurant offers me the opportunity to "crunch through the crunch" I will not be responsible for my actions).
So what is the "New Reality"? It seems to depend, as always, what your agenda is. For me its the realisation that we all need to sharpen up our marketing act to surivive let alone thrive, and that there's no room for complacency any longer. Politicians being politicians it means a view of the world that suits their agenda at any given moment.

What's your New Reality?

Monday, 16 February 2009

The power of focus

I was with a client the other day. We've been working together for a few months now and were reviewing what we'd achieved. The business has gone from basket case to odds-on survivor in the last quarter and its clear why. FOCUS. The first thing we did back in November last year was look at where we could gain the quickest profitable return for our efforts whilst simultaneously opening up more opportunities with a short time-to-market. Analysis showed this clearly wasnt in the client's core market, which was tender-obsessed, cash-strapped and high maintainence for little reward. We spotted one opportunity in a market where the client could complete an existing project easily with the right amount of FOCUS, create instant opportunities to cross-sell, benefit from first mover advantage and replicate development work already completed to roll out on a reasonable scale. He piled all his limited resources in this direction and now has a delighted client-turned advocate lining up new opportunities for him. He's turning down opportunities to tender in his traditional sector.

Isnt it great when a plan comes together?

Friday, 6 February 2009

The media revolving door

I've been driving around alot today and I'm awestruck by the media narcissism of our radio output. All day I've had to listen to news, comment, phone -ins, text ins and email-ins about the shinanag-ins of assorted media commentators. Clarkson, Thatcher, Ross, Brand - spokespeople from Stonewall (and not a gay insult in sight - uh?), versus oiks from satirical web channels - not to mention the listening masses picking apart the minutae of the golliwog/scottish idiot subtext, and how it represents a window into the depravity of our broadcasting culture,etc etc.
Please. We're in recession, hurtling towards depression. Get a life and a grip on the real news agenda, before its too late for all of us...

Oh God (with no offence meant to anyone of a non-christian persuasion) - I've just blogged about the media. Its all over....

Sunday, 1 February 2009

The rise of the Crunch Collectives

More and more people are starting up their own businesses. For some its because they've been laid off, others are just fulfilling an ambition to be their own boss. But the rise of the independent practitioner in the marketing and creative industry has given rise to a phenomenon so suited to the times it could change the face of the sector and signal the demise of the mid-size full service agency.
Crunch Collectives are loosely associated groups of professionals with complementary skills. They come together in whichever combination is required to meet the client brief; their overheads are low and dispersed, so the client is only paying the costs associated with the specific project and not, for example, funding the fixed costs of an agency team irrelevant to his or her current requirements. Designers, PRs, Strategists, SEOs, Event Production Specialists, Photographers - they are all collaborating and combining to provide a perfect skills match for a client's project with a great value proposition and the ability to switch their service off and on as required.
Full service agencies - beware the Crunch Collectives.