Monday, 4 April 2011

Social Media Ostriches

We spend alot of our time talking to people for the first time about Social Media. Their attitudes towards SM Marketing vary - from those who cant wait to apply best practice and maximise the benefits, to those (and there are many) who know they must embrace it but resemble rabbits caught in the headlights, overwhelmed by the scary notion of "user-generated content".

This week however we came across a new breed - the Social Media Ostrich. Head in the sand, looking up only to declare that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are "not for them". The future for this breed is bleak. Because what they don't realise is that opting out isnt an option. Their target audience will dictate how quickly Social Media's market influence grows and in a year's time (possibly less), they'll simply be dead in the water, beaten to the punch by their Social Media savvy competitors.

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